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Laravel App Development

Transform your ideas into reality with custom Laravel app development

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Building Powerful Laravel Apps with Development Expertise

At Solution Analysts, our experienced Laravel app developers have successfully designed and delivered numerous custom and large-scale applications across various industries. We also provide live demos of these applications to further enhance your confidence in our services. With our top-notch application development services, Solution Analysts empower your business to reach new heights of success. Our dedicated developers take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements, enabling us to create customised apps and APIs using the dynamic Laravel platform. Whether you need a customised web application or seek consultation on your app idea's feasibility, Solution Analysts is the ideal IT company for all your needs.


Our Services

Scalable Laravel App Development Services for Your Business

Stay ahead of the competition with our custom Laravel app development services. We leverage the full potential of the Laravel platform to create high-quality applications that elevate your brand and user experience.

Customised Laravel Development Services

Customised Laravel Development Services

Our team of highly skilled Laravel developers excels in creating unique designs and integrating built-in features that ensure a premium user experience. Get the power of the Laravel platform to create the perfect app.

Restful API Development

Restful API Development

Our developers have extensive expertise in leveraging Laravel API generator packages to create highly functional RESTful solutions for seamlessly communicating with third-party platforms.

Laravel CRM Development

Laravel CRM Development

Our Laravel development services are combined with the expertise of our Laravel developers which enable us to create highly functional and feature-rich Laravel CRM applications that effectively manage your customer interactions.

Laravel Migration Solution

Laravel Migration Solution

We specialise in modernising legacy software using industry best practices. Our migration solutions focus on adding value, enhancing security, and improving the architecture which offers the best combination for our clients.

Laravel Enterprise Application Development

Laravel Enterprise Application Development

Our progressive enterprise solution development is a result of our top-notch Laravel development practices which are implemented through built-in capabilities to ensure seamless integration and gain a competitive edge.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated support and maintenance team provides highly responsive help by offering flexible maintenance packages customised to your immediate and long-term needs.

Android Platforms

Develop Seamlessly Functioning Android Apps Across All Devices

We have thoroughly immersed ourselves in the Android world through our comprehensive custom app development process, and have catered solutions across various devices and platforms, including smartphones, Android tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV.

Smartphone Phone App

Smartphone App Development

Tablet App

Tablet App Development

Wearable App Development

Wearable App Development

Smart TV App Development

Smart TV App Development

Key Aspects

Robust Features of Laravel Development

Explore the rich features of Laravel app development which can drive exceptional application performance and user experiences to boost the success of your business.

  • Innovative Template Engine Innovative Template Engine
  • MVC Architecture Support MVC Architecture Support
  • Authorisation for Coding Authorisation for Coding
  • Object Relational Mapping and Implementation Object Relational Mapping and Implementation
  • Strong Security Strong Security
  • Artisan Tool for Programming Tasks Automation Artisan Tool for Programming Tasks Automation
  • Database Migration System via PHP Code Database Migration System via PHP Code
  • Enable Libraries and Modular Functionalities Enable Libraries and Modular Functionalities

Major Advantages

Gain the Competitive Edge with the Benefits of Laravel

Experience the transformative benefits of Laravel app development for successful and future-proof application solutions which can take your business to a new height.

Highly Secure

Highly Secure

Before launching an application, it is crucial to ensure robust security measures. Laravel effectively minimises vulnerabilities and provides strong security for your application.

Load Development Environment

Load Development Environment

Laravel is an ideal framework for developing web applications as it delivers superior user experiences and enhanced functionality to the users which itself is advantageous for businesses.

Dedicated Template Engine

Dedicated Template Engine

Laravel includes the Blade template engine, a powerful yet simple tool for creating dynamic views. It offers the flexibility to use both Blade syntax and plain PHP code within templates.

OpenSource Platform

OpenSource Platform

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which utilises the MVC architectural pattern to facilitate the development of robust and scalable web applications.

Our Roadmap

Laravel App Development Process Workflow

We streamline the Laravel app development journey with proven processes, which cover everything from planning and design to testing and deployment. The end result is a well-functioned and feature-rich app.

Requirement Analysis

We understand what you are and gather all the information, requirements and resources to initiate the development process.

Design and Development

We prepare a design framework, do the web coding, and use the latest tools and technology to develop the application.

Testing and Deployment

Our expert team tested the app multiple times to ensure it is bug-free and deploys the final product in the marketplace.

Maintenance & Updates

We provide all the assistance you need and offer frequent maintenance check-ups to eliminate any issues in the app.

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Know The Answers


Find answers to commonly asked questions about Laravel app development services, covering some of the relevant queries such as pricing, project timeline, customisation options, and availability of support.

Laravel is an open-source web application PHP framework which is known for its strength and reliability. It offers a sophisticated and clear syntax that enhances the readability of code. The framework follows the model-view-controller design pattern and leverages components from various frameworks which streamlines the development process. By utilising Laravel, developers can create well-organised and practical applications.

Several compelling factors contribute towards Laravel’s popularity.
  • Exceptional support and performance
  • Outstanding layouts achieved with the template engine
  • Simple and fast command execution through the Artisan command-line interface.
  • Easy interaction with the application database via Eloquent object-relational mapper.
  • Sufficient app testing capabilities that ensure the reliability and quality of the developed software.

Laravel is well-equipped to develop modern, scalable distributed cloud-native applications. It provides essential features like caching, cloud storage, session drivers, and read-write separation of the database which enables the development of highly scalable applications which can handle millions of users.

With over a decade of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted Laravel app development company. Our team of skilled developers is committed to producing scalable, secure, and comprehensive web and mobile applications. We take pride in our track record of providing exceptional Laravel design, development, and customisation services to clients across the globe.

The pricing for the Laravel app depends on various factors, including the application’s specific requirements, the development platform, the complexity of the project, and the number of features integrated into the app. For detailed information regarding the cost, please feel free to get in touch with us.

The duration required to develop your Laravel app is dependent on multiple factors, including the complexity of the design, the expertise of the developers, the required functionality of the app, and the testing process. If you have any inquiries or questions regarding the timeline, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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We are pleased to inform you that Monoca project will be given award with both of our signature on January 21th in Kobe eye center.



I’ve been working on and off with Solution Analysts for almost a year now on my project PhotoShoot (an iOS and Android app).



It has been wonderful to work with Mavya and Jalay. The team work really hard on the project and was very responsive.

Rahul Yadav


We are very impressed by the Solution Analyst-TennisSource team working on our mobile development.

Richard Moore


Our company found SA team and they are so cooperative and always have their best advise on a sophisticated web site they built for us.


Digi Doc

Solution Analysts team is simply one of the best teams I've ever worked with over the past 25 years, whether online, offline, onshore, offshore, wherever.

Michael Harris



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